Women in the Russian Revolution

The role played by working class and socialist women in the 1917 Russian Revolution highlights many important lessons for socialists. What were the political events that shaped the involvement of women in the Russian revolutionary movement? What kind of women got involved? What change did the Russian revolution bring for women? Why did some socialists organise among working-class women?

Elaine Jones has written a four-part history of the role of women workers and socialist activists in the Russian Revolution.

Part 1: A great awakening

Part 2: Kollontai, the Bolsheviks and the war


Part 3: Women Workers in the Russian Revolution


Part 4: Agitators, Educators, Organisers


Further reading
• Selected Writings, Alexandra Kollontai

• Inessa Armand: Revolutionary and Feminist, Ralph Carter Elwood

• “Bolshevik activity amongst the working women of Petrograd in 1917”, International Review of Social History, 1982, M Donald

• “The Bolsheviks and working women, 1905-1920”, in Soviet Studies, October 1974, Anne Bobroff

• The Women’s Liberation Movement in Russia: Feminism, Nihilism, and Bolshevism, 1860-1930, Richard Stites


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