Who are we? And why are we socialist feminists?

WLWomen’s Fightback is a socialist feminist paper and blog produced by members and supporters of the socialist group Workers’ Liberty.

Workers’ Liberty is a revolutionary socialist organisation fighting as part of the labour and student movements, and in campaigns, for a socialist alternative to capitalism, based on common ownership and democracy – for a world organised for human liberation not profit.

Why are we “socialist feminists”?

We like to call ourselves socialist feminists because the “label” tells the world about our kind of feminist activism. We are not the academic socialist feminists you sometimes find. (Some of us are academics, but we are activists too!)

This is what we think…

cutsIn Europe and north America women have won a large measure of formal equality, but sexism, inequality and oppression continue around the world. Women have never enjoyed full equality – in pay, politics or society. Now, to pay for capitalism’s crisis, we have been pushed back further, suffering disproportionately from cuts to jobs, health and welfare, and the growing strength of the reactionary right. Class and gender inequality – and in different ways other injustices such as racism – work together to keep capitalism going.

Austerity is shaking our world up: driving working-class people out of work, limiting our education, and cutting our services. Women are in many ways bearing the brunt of the crisis: caring for relatives when social services are cut; staying with violent partners because there is nowhere else to go. But women are also at the forefront of the fightback. Around the world women are organising together to fight back with ideas, courage and creativity.

How do we get rid of sexism? By smashing capitalism!

We believe women’s oppression is rooted in class society, and can only be womans-work2 (1)ended by overthrowing capitalism. At the same time, we do not tell women – or any oppressed group – to wait for the revolution. As socialist feminists, we see our job as reorienting the labour movement towards a fight for women’s rights, and the women’s movement towards class struggle.


No women’s liberation without socialism, no socialism without women’s liberation!


Get involved!

We realise there are lots of feminisms out there and we agree with a lot of what other feminists say. We always try to work alongside other feminists – individuals and groups – in anti-capitalist activism, the student and trade union movement.


In this blog we want to write about, talk about, moan about, and plot how to get rid of class exploitation and all oppression. We like history, politics, poetry, campaigning, jokes, stories and ranting and raving. We especially like debating ideas.

Want to write something for the blog? Everyone is welcome. All we ask is you keep your contribution friendly (especially if it is a debate).

We welcome opinion pieces, articles, poetry, rants, reviews, creative writing, political or personal stories, history, reports and much more from people of all genders.

We have an easy how-to guide to writing for the blog here.

women@workersliberty.org • 07883520852 • womensfightback.wordpress.com • Facebook





  1. greetings its good to see another political blog. My blog is about women,class and socialism – see lipsticksocialist.wordpress.com presently I am interviewing political women, looking at their political activity and exploring their analysis of present day politics.
    best wishes

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