Stamp out sexism: questions

You can download the questions for our “Stamp out sexism” interviews here in Word form or PDF. They’re also here…

1. Tell me a bit about your workplace and the job you do. (Keep it sketchy if you prefer.)

2. Are sexist comments and incidents a regular occurrence and a definite problem in your workplace (both as you directly experience it and also as you are aware of second hand)?

3. How do you respond to sexist comments and incidents? When do you respond  — all the time, or in particular circumstances?

4. Do your male workmates respond to sexist comments (and if so is it different to the way you respond)?

5. Why do you think men make sexist comments at work?

6. Do women ever join in with sexism?

7. What was the worst example that you have encountered?

8. Have you or other female workers experienced sexual harassment? (You don’t have to respond if you don’t want to.)

9. Is homophobia or racism a problem in your workplace?

10. Has your union branch discussed sexism or sexual harassment?

11. How does your union deal with issues like Domestic Violence (and its effects on workers), Sexism or other “equality issues” (e.g. flexible working).

12. Do you think sexism is getting worse or better (at work, political life, general society)? What factors are influencing this?

13. What do you think your union ought to do about these issues in your workplace/industry?

14. Would you like to say anything else about interactions between men and women (positive as well as negative)?


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