Resources and Pamphlets

Here you’ll find education packs, pamphlets, guides for discussions, and more. If you’re interested in getting together with others to discuss any of these we can put you in touch with other people in your area – just drop us an email at

Workshops and discussions

Marxist Feminist Reading Group

TWLFollowing our series of meetings on Marxism and Feminism we’re continuing to rethink, renew and discuss our ideas through a reading group. This is currently starting in London and we’re hoping to start ones in other cities too. We’ll be uploading reading lists and suggested questions to spark discussion here and hopefully groups can circulate notes of their discussions to support a flow of ideas.

In London we meet once a month on a Monday at 6.30pm in Central London. Find details of the next group here. Everyone is welcome to join us. If you’re interested in joining a reading group or helping us start one – get in touch.

Marxism and Feminism: Capitalism, class and the politics of women’s liberation

marx-fem-dialecticIn Britain and many other countries there is a tremendous growth of feminist activism. In the past women’s movements Marxist ideas played an important role in describing and shaping the politics of women’s liberation. Not so much today. It is time to renew the link! We think that’s a task that has to begin with rethinking ideas and discussing – we’d like to do that with lots of people so we’ve developed this workshop.

Here you can download a simple presentation with some images and text explaining the basic arguments we’ll explore, along with some discussion points to start discussions.

The meetings aim to provide spaces to discuss issues ranging from intersectionality, to the socialist left’s record on women’s liberation, to what a Marxist analysis can offer to our understanding of women’s oppression today, and consider the case for revolutionary socialist feminism. If you’re interested in attending or helping organise one of these workshops get in touch.

Women’s Oppression, Feminism and the Left: an education pack

Feminism today is very fragmented. After Second Wave Feminism some of the political strands associated with that movement lived on and mutated. In the early 90s in academia, under the influence of post-modernism and among activists a new “generation” of feminism emerged. “Third Wave” feminism drew on the women’s liberation movement of the 1970s and developed some distinctive features.
This collection of readings and discussion points reviews new developments in feminism, highlighting issues for the left and for a renewed socialist feminism.

Print copies are available for £3 – get in touch at or you can download a copy here.

This is a great resource for individuals or group discussions – if you’d like support to set up a discussion group near you get in touch.


We’re currently developing workshops on a number of topics, including the history of migrant women’s struggles. Get in touch for more information.

Pamphlets and books

The Case for Socialist Feminism

What is the relationship between sex and class in the oppression of women? How useful is the concept of ‘patriarchy’? How do we assess developments in feminism, and what are the prospects for women in the years to come?

First published in 1989 this pamphlet answers these questions and more and still holds immense relevancy for feminists and socialists today.

Some paper copies are available from for £1.50 or the pamphlet can be downloaded here.

Comrades and Sisters: Women and the Struggle for Liberation

By Janine Booth

Are women liberated? Over two centuries, women’s lives have changes dramtically. But women still do more housework, and earn less money, than men.

In comrades and sisters Janine Booth (now the first woman to be elected to the London Transport region seat on the RMT National Executive) looks at the key moments in 200 years of women’s history, and at the relationship between the fight for women’s liberation and the struggles of the workers’ movement. Are they doomed to an unhappy marriage? Or can we win the labour movement to fight for working-class women and men?

Janine Booth is a member of Workers’ Liberty in London and was the first ever woman to be elected to the London Transport seat on the RMT’s national Council of Executives in 2011.

Printed copies available for £1.50 from or you can read the pamhlet on the blog here.




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