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We will post here details of campaigns we support and are active in so you can find our more about them and upcoming meetings. We’re currently in the process of updating this page so please let us know of any campaign/event/meeting you think other feminists would be interested in Let us know by emailing

Councillors Against the Cuts

logo2Is a network of local councillors formed to support the fight against cuts. We believe that instead of implementing the Coalition’s cuts, councils and councillors should refuse to do so and help workers and communities organise in resistance.

We do not accept that cuts are “necessary”: there is plenty of money in society, but it is in the wrong hands. Taxing the rich and business, taking the wealth of the banks and cutting Trident are all rich sources of funds.

We stand in solidarity with anti-cuts campaigns, with people defending their local services and with the broader community, tenants and residents, our children, disabled people, pensioners etc – in defence of the living standards and rights of the most vulnerable people in society as the Coalition government attacks them.

National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts

4a5bb5fa207a51552ffee2d2d8b0884c_biggerThe National Campaign Against Fees & Cuts is a network of student and education worker activists, founded at a convention at University College London in February 2010. Since then, the NCAFC has helped activists on campuses up and down the country organise radical direct action against tuition fees, education cuts and wider cuts to public services. The NCAFC has played an integral role in the movement that developed from November 10th 2010 following the occupation of Millbank Tower, calling several national days of action that mobilised hundreds of thousands of students. In November 2011, we organised a national demonstration against the government’s higher education white paper, bringing 10,000 students to the streets of London. We fight for free education and universal grants, funded by the taxation of the rich and business.

To find out more contact • 07964 791 663 • Twitter • NCAFC websiteFacebook

NCAFC has a full range of liberation campaigns, including NCAFC Women – NCAFC Women is a self-organised caucus within NCAFC to increase the involvement and participation of women in the campaign and providing an opportunity to discuss issues in an inclusive, accessible forum and build links with other feminist and women’s anti-cuts groups. To find out more contact • 07883 520 852 • Twitter •  NCAFC Women blogFacebook

Workers’ Liberty Students

Workers’ Liberty Students are active organising regular meetings on campuses; campaigning on issues from the NHS, to liberation; to migrants’ rights; making solidarity with workers’ struggles; organising to fight in and transform student unions and the NUS into democratic, campaigning organisations; and organising with other student activists against the cuts and for free, democratic education on campus and with the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts. • 07775763750 • Workers’ Liberty Students on Facebook.



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