Why socialist feminism? A new book by Women in Workers’ Liberty

The revival of feminist discussion and activity since the late 2000s has drawn many new, younger feminists into writing and organising in Europe and North America. Emerging feminist movements around the world, in India, Turkey, the Middle East and elsewhere, fighting against oppressive political systems and stark economic inequalities, have thrown up new forms of struggle.

But what kind of overall feminist perspective do we need to radically change the world?
As revolutionary socialists fighting for a society based on human need not profit, Workers’ Liberty makes class struggle and radical social change central to our feminism. We are socialist feminists.

This book explores what “socialist feminism” might mean in the context of the latest “wave”, and global conditions.

Articles on:
Capitalism and women’s oppression
• Intersectionality and Marxism
• Is “patriarchy” useful? • Sex positive feminism
• Women workers of the world
• The welfare state • Violence against women
• The fight for reproductive freedoms
• Women, socialism and religionsoc fem-front
• The Geman Social-Democratic
women’s movement
• Women in the Russia Revolution

102 pages, £5
Order from http://www.workersliberty/why-soc-fem
Resources and further discussion at www.facebook.com/workerslibertywomen/

Would you like a speaker to come to a meeting of your campaign, union branch, student group or women’s network to lead a discussion on the ideas in this book and the politics of socialist feminism? Contact us at women@workersliberty.org


About womensfightback17

Women’s Fightback is a socialist feminist paper and blog produced by members and supporters of the socialist group Workers' Liberty. Workers’ Liberty is a revolutionary socialist organisation fighting as part of the labour and student movements, and in campaigns, for a socialist alternative to capitalism, based on common ownership and democracy.

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