Save the Women’s Library: campaign update!

Update and statement from the Save the Women’s Library Campaign– please read and circulate widely. The campaign is asking supporters to get involved and to write to the Director of LSE, Craig Calhoun, asking that LSE keep the Women’s Library building open and keep the collection in its purpose built home.

Next planning meeting Monday 15 October 6pm Freedom Books, Angel Alley, Whitechapel High Street (nearest tube: Aldgate East)

More info go to the campaign blog or email or on Twitter @SaveTWL

Many of you will no doubt have thought it was time to relax having read the media coverage of The Women’s Library’s ‘rescue’ by London School of Economics. Unfortunately, what such reports have ignored is that The Women’s Library as we know it (in its purpose-built reading-room and exhibition space in London’s East End) will close in May 2013. The collections will move to the fourth floor of LSE’s academic  library, raising serious questions about access and the shameful loss of a Heritage Lottery Funded building specially designed only ten years ago.

We have no doubt that the LSE will look after the collections, but a Library is about more than pieces of paper. The Women’s Library is a living library – made up of not only of books and archives but also the community it is part of. At the moment the library is rooted in a multi-cultural and largely working-class residential and commercial neighbourhood, and is engaged in projects with local schools, community and older people’s groups, and artists. All this work to widen access to TWL’s world-renowned collections will end if the Library is moved from its home. Donor’s to TWL, many of whom gave their papers to the library because of its commitment to accessibility and community, have at no point been consulted about its proposed closure.

The Campaign to Save The Women’s Library believes that it is still possible to keep the building open.

We are asking all supporters and stakeholders – academics, students, readers, feminists and activists – to write to the Director of LSE Prof. Craig Calhoun, asking that LSE keep the building open and care for the collections in their purpose-built home. We are also asking LSE  to meet with the campaign to consider all available options and would appreciate your support in emphasising this request.

The campaign meets every Monday evening at 6pm at Freedom Bookshop, Angel Alley, Whitechapel High Street.  It is open to everyone so do some along.

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