Save Lambeth Women’s Project

Lambeth Women’s Project is a volunteer run community organisation which has been supporting women in Lambeth from the building at 166a Stockwell Road since 1979. It’s future is now under threat.

In 2010 management of 166a was handed over to neighbouring Stockwell Primary School who refurbished the building and a five year agreement was agreed for shared usage of the space between the school and the project. On 31st May, on the eve of the Jubilee Bank Holiday and only two years into this lease the school informed the project that they had two weeks to pack up their belongings and leave.

The school later agreed to consider independent mediation with the project but on Monday 18th June, with no prior warning, a new lock was added to the building and women were locked inside. The school called the police but were told they must give Lambeth Women’s Project access and keys to all locks.

LWP are seeking legal advice and are clear that they are being unjustly treated and that their eviction will compromise the already hard hit services offered to women in Lambeth. At the moment women are staying in the building at all times.

More information about how to help:
Campaign Blog

Twitter: @SaveLWP


Sign the online petition here


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